WhoDunIt? 1.0.1

Investigate a crime by interpreting clues and deducing who the murder is

WhoDunIt? is a murder mystery game. You are a detective, hired by one of the suspects. You must travel to different locations in the city, making suggestions about the suspect, evidence, and location. Other detectives representing the other suspects can disprove your suggestion. Win the game by making the correct Accusation!

The game's features include:

  • High resolution graphics
  • Play against 2 to 5 palm-controlled players, with 3 different levels of intelligence
  • In game tutorial with playing tips
  • Thorough, in game Notepad for making detailed notes of your investigation

All in all, a mystery-filled Cluedo style game for your Palm powered PDA.

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WhoDunIt? 1.0.1

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